New OpenAIRE H2020 Factsheets

OpenAIRE is pleased to announce a new range of factsheets explaining EC H2020 Open Scholarship policies and how OpenAIRE can help. 

Two factsheets give general advice for specific stakeholders:

thumbnail_for_researchers The OpenAIRE Factsheet for Researchers includes advice on adhering to the EC Horizon 2020 Open Access mandate and Open Research Data Pilot, including where, when and how to deposit publications and data.
thumbnail_for_research_admins_shad The OpenAIRE Factsheet for Research Administrators includes similar information for those coordinating research activities, as well as advice on how OpenAIRE can help generate project publication lists.

Two further factsheets give detailed information about specific new elements of EC policy and how OpenAIRE can help researchers and administrators therewith:

thumnbnail_for_postgrant_shad The OpenAIRE Factsheet for FP7 post grant Open Access Pilot advises how researchers can access funds for OA publications once their FP7 grant has expired.
thumbnail_for_data_pilot_shad The OpenAIRE Open Research Data Pilot Factsheet briefs on what the data pilot is, what its advantages are for the research ecology, which funding areas are affected, creating/managing a data management plan and how/where/when to deposit data.

See for these H2020 factsheets as well as other H2020 guides.

Tony Ross-Hellauer

OpenAIRE2020 Scientific Manager at Göttingen State and University Library, University of Göttingen. Email:

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