OpenAIRE at IDCC15

idcc15_openaireposterOpenAIRE was represented at the International Digital Curation Conference (IDCC15), held in London from 9 to 12 February, by presenting a poster devoted to the Guidelines for Data Archives Managers.

The poster focus on highlighting some relevant information from the OpenAIRE guidelines mainly based on three previous questions: 1) What are the OpenAIRE Guidelines, 2) Why specific guidelines for data repositories and how do they work, 3) What is extra to the DataCite format.

Here are the topics listed on the answers to those three starting points:

What are the OpenAIRE Guidelines?

  • Since 2010, the OpenAIRE Guidelines have been used to support content providers to build Europes Scholarly Knowledge Space and to comply with EC OA policies.
  • They provide guidance on how:
    • to interprete and expose metadata,
    • to promote interoperability
    • to get validated and aggregated into the OpenAIRE infrastructure.
  • In collaboration with key stakeholders three sets of guidelines were developed, all based on existing well-established standards:
    – Guidelines for Literature Repositories using Dublin Core,
    – Guidelines for Data Repositories using Datacite Metadata Schema,
    – Guidelines for CRIS systems: based on CERIF-XML.
  • Best practices for the use of transfer protocol (OAI-PMH), metadata formats and controlled vocabularies.
  • Guidelines will continued to be developed in OpenAIRE2020 (2015-2018) project funded by the EC H2020 Programme.

Why specific guidelines for data repositories and how do they work?

  • OpenAIRE collects and exposes research datasets related to OA publications in OpenAIRE and/or with links to funding information.
  • OpenAIRE has adopted the DataCite Metadata Schema as the basis for harvesting datasets since it provides a domain agnostic schema.
  • The guidelines defines how to specify:
    • a) Funding information, b) Access rights and/or license, c) Related publications and datasets, d) Embargo date information.
  • Validation/registration of OpenAIRE compatible data repositories.
  • OpenAIRE harvests data archives via OAI-PMH using the set ‘openaire_data’ (optional).
  • Regular aggregation from data repositories and inference of links to access right of the resource.

What is extra to the DataCite format?

  • OpenAIRE accepts other persistent identifier schemes and not only a DOI as identifier.
  • OpenAIRE recommends exporting links to related publications and datasets via the ‘RelatedIdentifier’ property.
  • OpenAIRE recommends using the ‘Contributor’ property to relate a dataset to funding information.
  • DataCite optional properties ‘Date’ and ‘Description’ are mandatory in OpenAIRE.
  • OpenAIRE uses ‘Rigths’ property to explicit declare the projects, related data and publications.


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