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In January 2018, 4Science submitted a proposal to the OpenAIRE call for services for an implementation aimed at increasing the interoperability features supported by the most broadly used platforms in the Open Science ecosystem for Literature Repositories, Data Archives, CRIS/RIMS, and Journal platforms such as DSpace, Dataverse, DSpace-CRIS, and OJS.

The tender by 4Science focused on two main topics:

  • implementation of new protocols;
  • implementation of OpenAIRE metadata guidelines and OpenAIRE-APIs interaction.

The proposal was selected for funding, therefore by May 2018 4Science implemented:

  • the Signposting patterns in OJS;
  • the ResourceSync framework in DSpace;
  • the OpenAIRE Guidelines for Data Archives in Dataverse and DSpace-CRIS;
  • the OpenAIRE project API in DSpace-CRIS.

The new protocols were selected following the recent recommendations released by the COAR NGR WG and detailed in the report: “Behaviours and Technical Recommendations of the COAR Next Generation Repositories Working Group, 28th November 2017”.

Our implementations for DSpace, working out-of-box with the two latest released versions of DSpace 5.x and DSpace 6.x, and ready for DSpace 7, were submitted to the DSpace community for evaluation and inclusion in the code base.

The Signposting plugin for OJS is available in two versions:OJS 2 and OJS 3.

The implementation of OpenAIRE Guidelines for Data Archives in Dataverse is available here:






















Last week, at the Open Repositories Conference 2018 #OpenRepo2018 in Bozeman, 4Science presented a poster  illustrating the results achieved thanks to the OpenAIRE award. Our poster was voted by conference attendees as the most relevant to the conference theme, during a lively poster session.

At 4Science we would like to warmly thank all the great people who voted for us and OpenAIRE for providing the funding for making such amazing technologies widely available to the research community!



Ilaria Fava

Project Officer for EOSCpilot, OpenAIRE and RDA Europe 4.0 at University of Goettingen

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