Open Access courses in Slovakia

In May 2018, the Slovak Centre for Scientific and Technical Information  organised a three day course about the basics of Open Access. The course was based on the UNESCO curriculum and book „Introduction to open access“ , which was also translated to Slovak and spread among participants.

trainer Zuzana Stožická

Courses contained 5 topics: scholarly communication process, history and development of open access, rights and licenses, advocacy for open access and open access research impact. At the end of the course, participants were able to promote and differentiate between the various forms of Open Access, explain issues related to rights management, incl. copyright, copy-left, authors’ rights and related intellectual property rights and demonstrate the impact of Open Access within a scholarly communication environment.


Michal Sliacky

Together we trained 21 participants, mainly librarians and researchers. Those who decided to attend the exams recieved a certificate from the Ministry of Education and are able to further train people at their organisations.

In autumn we are planning another 3 courses. We also established a cooperation with Comenius University  Department of Library and Information Science: together we will train their teachers so they can later train their students.

Silvia Horakova

Slovak Scientific and Technical Information Centre. OpenAIRE Slovakia National Open Access Desk.

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