Open Social Sciences Summer with BITSS

BITSS: Berkeley Initiative for Transparency in the Social Sciences

Ensuring a summer full of open science fun, the Berkeley Initiative for Transparency in the Social Sciences (BITSS) announced two exceptional opportunities: the Transparent and Open Social Science Research MOOC goes into the next round, and applications for the Research Transparency and Reproducibility Training (RT2) are now open!

For more information, see below.

Transparent and Open Social Science Research MOOC

When: July 9, 2018  –  August 10, 2018.

Where: Anywhere you are!

What to expect: A 5-week online course open to anyone but learners with some statistical background may get more out of it. Participants will spend ~4 hours per week on course videos, readings, and exercises.

What topics are covered: An overview of the reproducibility crisis and the open science movement, publication bias, pre-registration and pre-analysis plans, replication, meta-analysis, open data, data visualization, and the future of open social science.

How to participate: Registrations to the MOOC are now open, simply sign up for free anytime before July 9th!

Where can I find more information: Here!

Research Transparency and Reproducibility Training (RT2)

When: September 5-7, 2018.

Where: Los Angeles, USA (keep reading, there are travel scholarships!)

What to expect: BITSS will welcome a small group (40-45 participants) of researchers across the social and health sciences spectrum, with particular emphasis on economics, political science, psychology, and public health. RT2 is three days of intensive training, with space for collaborations and practical activities, to get an overview of tools and best practices for transparent and reproducible social science research.

What topics are covered: Take a look at the agenda!

How to participate: Applications are open now! To be considered for financial support submit your application until June 4th. For self-funded applicants, the deadline is August 20th.

Where can I find more information: Here and here!

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