Cyprus OpenAIRE National workshop 2018 – Open Science and the role of repositories

On the 9th and 10th of May 2018, the National Open Access Desk of OpenAIRE, organized the Cyprus National workshop of 2018. The two days event entitled “Open Science and the role of repositories”, attracted several stakeholders of Cyprus like researchers, policy makers, research funders, institutions, librarians and repository managers.

The event was divided in four sessions. The morning session of the first day was focused on Open Science and the recent developments. Useful resources for the transition to Open Science were also presented, whilst the role of the National funder (Research Promotion Foundation) on implementing Open Access Policies for Scientific Information, and the researchers perspective on the issue, coming from a Research and Innovation Center of Excellence like KIOS, were important and useful to the attendees. On the second session the focus was on the repositories, their importance and role to the implementation of Open Access, the local and European infrastructures, OpenAIRE’s role, services, guidelines and parameters, like softwares and tools like ORCID.








On the second day of the event, the Working Group for Open Access and other stakeholders that had interest on institutional policies, as the National Policy adopted in 2016, were presented and discussed. The day was very fruitful once many issues regarding policies and their implementation were arised. The coordination of the discussion for institutional policies was on the first part by Dr Marina Angelaki, as the Task Force Policy Coordinator of OpenAIRE; the second part for the discussion for the National policy was by the Open Access National points of Reference (NPRs), which are the National policy maker and the National Funder, namely the Directorate General for European Programmes, Coordination and Development and the Research Promotion Foundation of Cyprus.

The event took place in the University of Cyprus, in Nicosia, Cyprus.

Participants had the opportunity to ask Cyprus NOAD, the OA NPRs and the presenters questions and discuss several issues regarding the development of policies, infrastructures, monitoring and data issues etc. Propositions for the next steps of the Working Group were also made and more frequent meetings for feedback and follow-ups on policy and technical issues and developments were decided.

The cooperation of the OpenAIRE NOAD, and the local OA NPRs of Cyprus was once more reassuring that collaborations brings excellent results since all participants commented that the co-organisation of the event resulted excellent and useful outputs.

Sylvia Koukounidou

Coordinator of Digitisation and Archives Office at the University of Cyprus Library. OpenAIRE NOAD for Cyprus.

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