Seminar: “Cooperation in Social Sciences and Humanities in a Networked European Research Space” in Croatia

Followed by several meetings of the OpenAIRE-Advance and EOSC Hub teams at Ruđer Bošković Institute , a seminar on “Cooperation in Social Sciences and Humanities in a Networked European Research Space” was held at the Teleconference Hall on Thursday, March 29, 2018.

Four European projects in the field of humanities and social sciences – DARIAH-HR, CESSDA, OpenAIRE-Advance and EOSC Hub – were presented at the seminar. Special emphasis has been placed on the advanced computer services and tools developed to support open scientific space in the social sciences. The seminar was attended by 26 participants from 11 different institutions within Croatia.

The goal of better cooperation within social and humanistic research communities has been achieved and accepted proposals for holding future meetings with different topics related to the improvement of the collaboration among different projects and empowering researchers from the social sciences and humanities in Croatia.
The purpose of the seminar was to explain the reasons why Europe is moving towards paradigms of open science, opportunities for mutual cooperation and the role of advanced computer services and tools in the social sciences and humanities. Four European projects were presented at the seminar, which will through closer cooperation empower researchers from the SSH disciplines in Croatia: DARIAH-HR – Digital Research Infrastructure for Arts and Humanities in the Republic of Croatia, CESSDA – Consortium of the European Social Science Data Archive, OpenAIRE-Advance – Open Access Infrastructure for Research in Europe Advance and EOSC Hub – Services for the European Open Science Cloud.
Five talks were given followed by a fruitful discussion with the participants:

  • DARIAH-HR as a platform for networking institutions and individuals, Koraljka Kuzman Šlogar, Institute of Ethnology and Folklore Research (DARIAH-HR Coordinator)
  • CESSDA – Collaboration and exchange of knowledge in social sciences, Marijana Glavica, Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities, University of Zagreb
  • Open Science as a commitment of the EU, Jadranka Stojanovski, University of Zadar / Ruđer Bošković Institute (OpenAIRE-Advance NOAD)
  • European Open Science Cloud: EOSC Hub, Karol Skala, Ruđer Bošković Institute / Computer Science and Computing Center (head of the DARIAH EOSC-hub thematic service)
  • What is the European Open Science Campaign for Humanists ? Davor Davidović, Ruđer Bošković Institute / Computer Science and Computing Center (EOSC-hub)

Jadranka Stojanovski

Assistant Professor at Rudjer Boskovic Institute, University of Zadar. OpenAIRE NOAD for Croatia.

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