FP7 Post-Grant Open Access Pilot: final results

OpenAIRE is currently preparing its final reporting on the uptake and metrics of the OpenAIRE FP7 Post Grant Open Access Pilot. The Pilot was installed by OpenAIRE and the European Commission in order to  meet a demand from FP7 projects that wanted, in compliance with the EC’s recommendations and polices on open access, to make their project outputs available as open access, but did not have the funding appropriated in their project budgets.
The Pilot, originally intended to end on April 30th 2017, had been granted a 10 month extension and has come to an end in February 2018.

This report will be based on the datasets that are available on Zenodo (DOI: 10.5281/zenodo.998041.

Although the Pilot is officially closed, there are still a couple of publications ‘pending’ because the accounting process has not been finalised. When data could be estimated, it has already been added to the  analysis but they might not be visible in the statistical module of the Pilot website. As none of this pending data significantly differs from the data provided in the system, we do not believe that this will have an influence on the statistical analysis, although individual numbers (such as number of articles funded per publisher) might change a little bit. As the final data will be processed, we will provide a updated version of the dataset attached to the same Zenodo record.

We explicitly invite interested parties to conduct their own analysis based on the original dataset. It is also possible to download a csv with all data directly from the Pilot website https://postgrantoapilot.openaire.eu .

Up to three publications per project were eligible for funding, provided the acceptance date of the publication dates after the project closing date. A total budget of € 4 000 000 000 has been made available fort his, of which approximately € 2 650 000 has been spent (including € 400 000 for a supporting mechanism for non-author fee based publishing initiatives, not further included in this report).

In total, the Pilot has funded 1 323 publications:  1 232 articles, 71 monographs, 18 book chapters and 2 conference proceedings.

The Pilot had installed a funding cap of € 6 000 for monographs and € 2 000 for all other publication types (mainly articles). If the original author fee exceeded this amount, the submitter was asked to provide a partial invoice or request for reimbursement that did not exceed this amount.

The average author fee for articles processed is € 1 474 and the median fee is € 1446.

The Pilot only funded articles that appeared in ‘full’ open access journals. Hybrid journals, that offer a mix of subscription based and open access articles, have been explicitly excluded from funding, which explains the relatively lower share of some well-known legacy publishers  offering mainly hybrid journals in these statistics.

The Pilot has installed pre-payment agreements with 5 publishers and 2 university libraries. Although many of this data has already been incorporated in the dataset available, a separate dataset compiling these numbers will be added to the Zenodo record.

Gwen Franck

Open Access Programme Coordinator at EIFL - Electronic Information for Libraries / Open Access Project Officer at LIBER - Association of European Research Libraries

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