Launch of the CoreTrustSeal Application Management Tool

A new CoreTrustSeal Application Management Tool (AMT) has been released. The new  tool replaces the tool used by Data Seal of Approval (DSA), shortly to be closed, and works in tandem with the Membership Management Tool (MMT) of the World Data System (ICSU-WDS).

How to join:

First timers: All organizations wishing to be certified for the first time under the CoreTrustSeal—including current DSA holders—should access the AMT, create an account, and request an application form.

Candidate WDS Regular Members: Those renewing their Regular membership, will also be directed to the AMT to become a CoreTrustSeal-certified Data Repository before completing the WDS membership requirements in the WDS MMT.

An Extended Guidance document was published in late 2017 to give both applicant repositories and reviewers additional information on satisfying the 16 Requirements that form the CoreTrustSeal Data Repositories certification.

Please note that AMT is still in the process of being enhanced, therefore feel free to send your comments and questions at


Background: The European Multi Stakeholder Platform (MSP), an expert advisory group of the European Commission in the field of ICT standardization, has advised in favour of several technical specifications submitted by the Research Data Alliance (RDA), including TS7 RDA CoreTrustSeal Data Repositories Requirements.

Following the positive assessment by the MSP, the specifications will be nominated for inclusion in the European Commission’s official ICT Technical Specifications in order to be used as EU-wide standards. Such common standards are very important for open science, because they facilitate (international) collaboration. The positive recommendation means that—according to the MSP—the specifications meet criteria such as relevance, neutrality, stability, quality, and availability, and can thus be seen as a step towards more open, worldwide science.

Gwen Franck

Open Access Programme Coordinator at EIFL - Electronic Information for Libraries / Open Access Project Officer at LIBER - Association of European Research Libraries

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