EC Gold Open Access Pilot Workshop at the LIBER Annual Conference 2015

A Workshop on the OpenAIRE2020 FP7 post-grant Gold Open Access Pilot will be held on June 24th at the LIBER Annual Conference in London. This workshop will provide a key opportunity for the dissemination of this initiative, whose success will heavily rely on an effective outreach strategy towards eligible researchers and FP7 projects. The main aim of this event is to provide more information on the progress of the initiative to the institutions attending the LIBER Annual Conference and to share institutional best practices on how to liaise with the Gold OA Pilot to provide an effective support service to researchers and projects.


For this purpose, the workshop will feature as many of the institutions involved in the Pilot kick-off stage as possible. These institutions, which have been collaborating with LIBER since the Gold OA Pilot was soft-launched early May, have collected valuable expertise on how to roll out this initiative at institutional level which other institutions may find interesting to learn about.

Some of the topics to be jointly addressed by the Pilot coordination and the institutions are:

  • The wide differences in the funding landscape across Europe, which mean a very diverse picture of available Gold Open Access Funds at institutions. Three different scenarios have been identified, with specific requirements for Pilot implementation purposes that are being worked out with institutions in each of them.


  • The outreach strategies towards eligible researchers and projects that different institutions have applied in order to disseminate this EC Gold Open Access Pilot. While these strategies are of course strongly dependent upon the specific funding scenario in which they are carried out, the emphasis in the discussion will be on how effective these strategies have proved and what the response has been from authors.
  • Using the Gold OA Pilot central system for collecting funding requests, both directly from researchers or mediated via their institutions. A live demo for delivering a funding request through this system will be provided to attending institutions, and the preliminary results of the first weeks of Gold OA Pilot operation will be disseminated. Opportunities for aligning APC reporting standards at international level will also be part of the discussion.

Building on the feedback provided on these and other topics by the institutions taking part in the “pilot within the Pilot”, a discussion will be held with attending institutions interested in delivering their own support service to their researchers. The session will also provide a good opportunity for contacting pioneering institutions in different countries in order to eventually re-use their best practices in dissemination and support.

Over 50 attendees to the LIBER Annual Conference in London have so far selected this OpenAIRE2020 Gold OA Pilot Workshop as their first choice for the Workshop Session on Wed June 24th. We look forward to meeting you all in London!

Pablo de Castro

Open Access Project Officer - LIBER (Ligue des Bibliothèques Européennes de Recherche)

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