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*posted on behalf of Marjan Grootveld, DANS (@MarjanGrootveld)*

During Open Access Week 2017, OpenAIRE and FOSTERplus tried out a new format for a webinar on Research Data Management called “Flip the Classroom”. Participants were asked to submit their questions in advance so that they could be addressed during the presentation – more than 20 questions were submitted and 60 people participated in the webinar.

Marjan Grootveld from DANS (Data Archiving and Networked Services) introduced OpenAIRE and the EC’s Open Data policy, and after that, the webinar focused on the participants’ questions.

Take a look at the presentation slides if you are interested in the following issues:

Funder processes

  • details on opting out from the Open Data Pilot in Horizon 2020, when it is possible and how; why it is essential to write a DMP also if you decide to opt out
  • skills and qualification of DMP’s reviewers
  • tips to write a proper DMP according to the suggestions collected by DMP reviewers
  • find out if funders really check DMPs and their feasibility!

Support for data management planning

  • librarians can help you in writing your DMP, as well as OpenAIRE National open Access Desks all over Europe
  • determine how much data management costs with the help of some useful resources so you can budget in your grant proposal

Storing and sharing data

  • tips on how to collect meaningful data and to ensure all the changes to data can be tracked
  • information on how and where to store the data when the research is still ongoing and preserve them once ended (better use specialised and certified repositories rather than your institution’s one)

Legal and ethical questions

  • what does the General Data Protection Regulation say about collecting and storing personal data
  • why anonymisation is the basis for sharing sensitive data and what OpenAIRE is doing to develop a tool to help researchers anonymise their data

Training materials

  • link to useful resources to learn more about research data management

Don’t worry if you missed the webinar – you can watch the recording online!

The OpenAIRE portal provides further information on the Open Data Pilot, Research Data Management, and Data Management Plans (DMPs).

Ilaria Fava

Project Officer for EOSCpilot, OpenAIRE and RDA Europe 4.0 at University of Goettingen

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