French OpenAIRE meeting: the vivacity of the workshops were much appreciated

The French OpenAIRE workshop on June 27th was a success. Designed for head librarians and repository managers (some researchers and funders’ representatives also attended), the meeting was divided in two main parts. First came thought provoking presentations: on the French Law for OA and what it allows, on research data, on the researchers’ digital identity, on OpenAIRE and the obligation to deposit.

The goose game to learn about open access

Then lively workshops followed: on open access for beginners (how to speak about OA with your aunt Janine at the Christmas dinner for example) ; on predatory publishers, a goose game to explain OA while playing (for which the source files are available on Zenodo), on  WillO: a legal tool based on the new French law on OA to accompany the depositing in OA archives ; on how to track and collect H2020 publications with WoS and how to contact the authors to remind them of the obligation to deposit their articles. Fruitful exchanges were made possible during the lunch offered by Couperin. At the end of the day, every participant went home with some up to date information on OA and a roadmap on how to collect H2020 publications. This meeting was tailored to the French situation and a good balance was found between presentations and workshops. And, from the satisfaction survey the attendees answered, the quality of the presentations and the effectiveness and vivacity of the workshops were much appreciated.

The website and the presentations of this event are accessible here:

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