Easy depositing tool Dissemin incorporated in HAL

Dissemin is a tool encouraging researchers to publish their publications in open access. It allows researchers to measure the accessibility of their publications and put those which are not available yet, online in a few clicks. No need to manually enter the metadata (title, authors or other identifiers), these are automatically filled in by Dissemin. This functionality is made possible by harvesting two main sources: BASE (Bielefeld Academic Search Engine) and Crossref, which cover almost 100 million publications. Dissemin uses then SWORD import to drop the publications in the open access archive.
Dissemin project began in 2015. It is run by a non for profit association called CAPSH and self-funded from the beginning. It is free. It is open source. And it’s been developed by students from the Ecole Normale Supérieure in Paris.
Depositing in the main French open access archive HAL is now possible for researchers in a few clicks thanks to Dissemin. To do this, the author simply has to associate his HAL account to his ORCID.
This achievement is the result of a partnership between Couperin (who funded the project for 2017), the CCSD-CNRS (The Center for Direct Scientific Communication), and CAPSH.
So far, the documents made freely accessible were hosted by Zenodo, a repository developed by CERN. Researchers can now choose between HAL and Zenodo.
This is a very important step: researchers are often reluctant to deposit in public repositories because it takes too much time. This very simple way of depositing should remove this barrier. Further developments will plug in Dissemin to local French institutional repositories. As this tool is open source, any country or institution can use it and plug it in to its own repository. Let’s hope that this tool can be broadly used by OpenAIRE’s community.


Blogpost by André Dazy

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  1. Federico Leva says:

    This plus https://blogs.openaire.eu/?p=1909 makes me think OpenAIRE should encourage/help open access journals follow the suggestion at https://twitter.com/petersuber/status/901821396766134273 i.e. start contacting all authors of closed access references to suggest depositing their papers where possible.

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